Robert Wtterwulghe

Alumnus of the College Saint-Michel in Brussels, Professor WTTERWULGHE continued studying law at the Catholic University of Louvain, supplemented by a Bachelor of Applied Economic Sciences. He has a doctorate in law and a doctorate in economics.


As a Professor at the Catholic University of Louvain, he taught political economy, economics of SMEs, entrepreneurship, business ethics, financial legislation and European law in this University. It provides a course of specific problems of SMEs.


He is Visiting Professor at the Université Jean Moulin Lyon III, where he has taught since 1987 in the two masters of European law, notably the European financial law, business law and European integration. He also provides courses in European law as a visiting professor at the University of Szeged in Hungary, where he teaches under the master of European law.


He was successively President of the applications of the Faculty of Economic, Social and Political Sciences, Academic Secretary of the same faculty and President of the Institute of European Studies (UCL). In this context, he has created, with Rector Christian Philip (Lyon III), the Erasmus-Euro-Education, which included the universities of Louvain, Lyon III, of Barcelona, Coimbra, Panteion Athens and Pontificale de Madrid.


Currently, Professor WTTERWULGHE is director of the Center for European SMEs he has created within the Institute of Administration and Management at UCL.

He is chairman of the Investment Fund Vivès (UCL).

Parallel to his academic activities, he developed a business consultancy in the legal field as lawyer.

He is enrolled at the Brussels Bar since 1967 and is a lawyer at the Court of Appeal of Paris since 2001.

He founded and developed Wtt Law Firm. The firm specializes in the areas of business law, financial law and more broadly, of economic law. He distinguished himself in the field of acquisitions. He initiated many firsts in the field of takeovers The firm also distinguished himself in defending the interests of minority shareholders, and business acquisitions.

WTTERWULGHE Robert is also the author of numerous books and articles on various aspects of business economics, law and financial law. Among them will be divided into three books, two on the bid, the first entitled "The bid for a contract of Societies (1973), and the second "takeover bid, a legal analysis" (1988), the third is devoted to SMEs and is entitled "The SMEs, a human" (1998). The second book was awarded the prize for best financial book award from the COB bank. The book devoted to SMEs has been crowned by the Académie Royale des Sciences, des Lettres et des Beaux-Arts de Belgique in 1999.

Active in many scientific and professional associations, he is a member of the Belgian Association of Financial Analysts and the Union Internationale des Avocats. He has participated in numerous international conferences and lectured extensively, especially in Europe, Africa and North America.

Under financial expert, he was instructed by the Minister of Finance to participate in the preparation of various laws and orders on financial matters. He was also appointed several times as an expert by the European Commission, notably to assist in the work of the Council of Ministers during the debate of the last proposal XIIIth European directive on takeover bids and various issues relating to economic and financial law.